Course Objective:

Life, Accident & Health licensees whose license is issued or renewed on or after April 1, 2010, are required to be annuity certified. Each year from the date of certification the licensee must complete at least a 4-hour annuity CE course. This course meets this CE requirement.

This course reviews Texas annuity regulations and replacement guidelines. The Center allows you up to six months to complete this course.

Course Outline:

  1.  Annuities – Introduction
  2. Annuities – Types, Contract Conditions
  3. Annuities – Annuity Options
  4. Investor Considerations
  5. Annuities – Annuity Terms to Remember
  6. Texas Annuity Certification
  7. Focus of Regulation
  8. Suitability, Disclosure, Recordkeeping, & Replacement
  9. Suitability, Disclosure, Recordkeeping & Replacement II
  10. Suitability, Disclosure, Recordkeeping & Replacement III
  11. Replacement Disclosure
  12. Replacement Disclosure II
  13. Replacement
  14. Replacement II
  15. Replacement III
  16. Replacement IV